Charissa Farley is making headlines again with a feature article in Valley Woman Magazine highlighting “Women at the Top of Their Game.”

In the article, author June Allan Corrigan pulls back the veil, giving readers a candid, 3-dimensional look at the woman behind the glamorous “Queen of Pavers” image seen on billboards and glossy magazine ad spreads throughout the valley.

For those who know Charissa as the fabulous-looking socialite with an infectiously cheery demeanor, Corrigan’s article uncovers how this diva in an evening gown came to lead a top-performing company in the male-dominated construction industry.

A Palm Springs Life award-winning business leader, mom, foster mom, social butterfly, Bikrim yoga fanatic, fashion plate, friend, philanthropist, adventurer, charity board member, and television show host, Charissa Farley is a woman who wears many hats beyond the hardhat.

Read about those many hats and how she manages them with grace, tact, and style in the feature article titled “A woman of substance and style who knows her way around pavers and the social scene,” or view the full digital version of the May Issue of Valley Woman Magazine.

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