1. AestheticPavers are a versatile design tool. Contemporary, modern, traditional…the design options with interlocking pavers are virtually endless. From a herringbone pattern to a beautiful monogram cut directly out of pavers, installing interlocking pavers will dramatically improve the look of your driveway, walkway, patio or pool deck.
  1. CostThe cost to install pavers is not as expensive as you may think. While pavers are slightly more expensive than standard poured concrete they are generally less expensive than if you were to install stained or stamped concrete. Not only are they comparably priced but the long-term expense is significantly less than any type of concrete or asphalt. While a plain, concrete slab is more affordable upfront, the long-term costs for repairs and/or replacements will almost always outweigh the initial savings.
  1. Installation – Choose a certified paver specialist. Farley Interlocking Paving Stones is an ICPI certified installation specialist. We only do pavers! When choosing an interlocking paving system, it’s critical, if you want to reap all the benefits of a paving system, to choose a certified, experienced paver installer. When properly installed, pavers can last a lifetime.
  1. Durability Pavers are strong and last. Few things are unconditionally guaranteed; however, you can be 100% sure that your concrete will crack. Pavers are rated as 4 times stronger than concrete and as such can hold 4 times as much weight as concrete without cracking. Unsightly concrete cracking may possibly be camouflaged by staining or stamping the concrete but it will never stop cracking and those cracks quickly become safety hazards that you cannot fix by camouflaging them. Pavers will last longer than poured concrete and hold their color better than stamped or stained concrete.  Additionally, when the underlying earth moves and shifts (as it always does, especially here in California) pavers will adapt to the movement in the foundation. The result: your pavers won’t crack the way concrete will.
  1. Practicality – Pavers are an intelligent choice. All homeowners will inevitably encounter repairs that require underground access. If your sewer line is leaking, and it is located under 3 inches of concrete, that concrete is going to have to come out as well as go back in. Pavers make the repair, which is an unpleasant and expensive endeavor when dealing with concrete, much less expensive without damaging the aesthetic of the area. It’s easy, just remove the necessary paver, make the repair, and stick the pavers right back in. There will be no evidence of any repair, whereas with concrete the patched concrete will NEVER match the existing concrete.  If a paver, or several pavers, get stained, it is easy to remedy. Just replace those pavers, no grout or tile to break out, no concrete to worry about demoing and no unsightly concrete patches.
  1. Value – Pavers WILL increase the value of your property. Paving stones are one of the only hardscape products that instantly add value to your home upon installation. Attractive curb appeal, especially with hardscaping that will require little to no maintenance, and, if properly installed, can last up to 30 years, goes a long way with prospective buyers.
  1. Safety – Pavers are non-skid, non-slip and SAFE. Concrete slabs can be very slippery when wet. This can cause cars to lose traction and leave tire marks on a newly installed concrete driveway. Additionally, a slippery pool deck or patio can be very dangerous if someone were to fall on the hard concrete deck. Pavers are non-skid and non-slip. This means vehicles will have better traction, which will help prevent tire marks, and there is a reduced risk of slipping on a wet pool deck or patio.
  1. Repairs – They hardly ever happen and when they do it’s incredibly easy. An interlocking paver system is so easy to repair. They can be lifted and replaced with little to no hassle at all, unlike having to repair a concrete slab, where you would have to demolish it and start over again. The maintenance costs involved for this reason are very low. Not only are interlocking pavers easy to repair, but the likelihood of them being damaged is slim.
  1. Versatility – Pavers can be used anywhere. Pavers can be applied in both residential and commercial settings, including surface coverings for driveways, parking lots, promenades, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, and walkways. Interlocking concrete pavers are a sensible and aesthetically attractive choice for all outdoor surfaces.
  1. Weather Resistance – Pavers can be used in any climate. Pavers can be used in any climate and be walked on immediately upon installation. Cracking, which is common with traditional asphalt and concrete pavements, is not an issue with interlocking concrete pavers due to the joints between the pavers. Interlocking concrete pavers are a flexible system and allow for movement, they are almost indestructible, the pavement system moves in unison with the earth’s usual tendency to swell and contract over the long-term thus avoiding any serious damage.


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