The Importance of Protecting Your Home Value in Uncertain Times


Amidst the roller coaster of the markets and uncertainty of the economy, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is preserving the value of your home. There’s never been a better time to focus on what needs to be done, and what is most noticeable, since all of us have been spending a lot more time at home! Next time you return home from the grocery store, look at your own personal “curb appeal” with a fresh perspective. Are there minor things you could do to make your home look it’s best?

Your driveway is definitely something most homeowners become so comfortable with they never really notice, but the first thing others notice. Is it a worn-out band aid on an otherwise beautiful home? Was it gorgeous a few years ago but needs a little spiffing up? Now is the time to get the best value on either replacing or maintaining your driveway while companies are stretching to keep their people employed.

Now, with a fresh perspective, close your eyes and imagine what your home would look like with a new driveway or a clean fresh look? If you are replacing, how would a new color blend, or a more contemporary look, or even a material change such as stone, add value to your home? Excited?

Replacing a driveway (or a back patio, HOA street, entry or common area) can be done in an amazingly brief period of time and often for far less than you might imagine. Using a reputable company that has a track record and multiple references over an extended period of time can ensure you do not have a bad experience and a job that will last, problem free for as long as you own your home. It is extremely important that you use a company that should anything happen, you can hold accountable and know that will stand by the work and minimize any fear or discomfort.

How do you ensure this? Despite how obvious it seems, I still hear horror stories of using unlicensed and uninsured contractors, jack-of-all trades, and individuals just going out on their own with little to no business experience. Sometimes this can feel “smart” to get a good deal, but if you have a problem, you may have little to no recourse, that these operators may have a very difficult time making your job “right.” Choose companies with a long track record, solid references of similar scope of work that have performed for at least one year (the older the better). Just because someone did five jobs, they could all fail in five years. Showrooms, and the ability to see the pavers prior to installation are also helpful.

These parameters are the same for restoration, cleaning, sealing, and repairs. It is always a good idea to use a company that installed your pavers, or a reputable company that specializes in interlocking paver maintenance, as using the wrong products can damage your original installation. Need a little help? Feel free to reach out to Farley Interlocking Paving. No high pressure, no heavy sales pitch, and a lot of experience. Farley Interlocking Paving, with origins almost thirty years ago, one of the largest interlocking paving companies in Southern California serving Homeowners, HOAs, Municipalities, Military, Hotels and Shopping Centers throughout Southern California – and still family run with roots in the Coachella Valley.


For more information call: Farley Interlocking Paving – 877-553-8797

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